Our mobile platform is one of the most resourceful landing pages for consumers and can represent a powerful social media tool for your business.

Let us customize one for you to prove how effective our mobile platform can be to help build traffic.


Smart phone and digital usage has now surpassed desk top computers and TV use.
Since smartphones are now the #1 method for consumers searching for business info and promotions, you need to engage
them with a mobile experience designed for completing on-the-go tasks.
Just as important, your mobile site needs to attract and compel visitors to recommend your mobile site to others.


"There is no marketing tool for your business that has such growth potential as a Social Media Mobile Platform that is a mobile site, mobile app and mobile portal, all built into one platform ... all easily accessible at ONE place".

**.** *

No Long Contracts to Sign

No Annual Renewal Obligations
No Hosting Fees

Cancel Anytime!

Let's break it down;
You pay only $1 a day for the first year and only $0.65 cents a day each subsequent year you keep it live.



1/ Choice of you own business

    domain name or sub-domain  

    name at homesapp.ca.

2/ Web hosting.

3/ Mobile coupon page.
4/ Custom digital QR code.
/ Design & formatting.
6/ Insert: logo, images, product

    service info & contact info.
7/ Live launch on the net.
8/ Link to your website.
9/ Links to popular features.

10/ Links to popular resources.

11/ Designed for social referrals.

12/ Four Dual Dash Cams
Sponsor of the Hockey
Cheer song

14/ OPTIONAL - but FREE!

Accredited Supporter of Stove
Alert Fire Prevention.

Why is a Mobile Platform so valuable
for my business?



As more and more of your competitors go mobile, having a mobile-friendly APP platform becomes even more of a priority for your business.

Over the last couple of years, mobile search traffic has increased ten-fold.
* *
We can't think of a more important marketing tool for your business than setting up your mobile platform that also contains a mobile coupon.

Here are some amazing facts about how digital technology is changing the way consumers shop.



We do everything for you!
We will use images and content from your website browser to create your Mobile Platform.

We don't need any FTP access to enter your site. Everything is done externally.

So it's easy, quick and worry free!

Once completed, a team support rep will send you the demo for your "proof review" and follow up with a call the next business day.
* *

If there are any changes needed, we'll be glad to make them before the final launch of your Mobile platform.
If you have any questions, please email us. All emails received after

6:00 pm will be responded to the next business day. We work Monday through Saturday - 6 days a week!



Readable on all smartphones and digital tablets to maximize your exposure.


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